Refresh and Renew Blog

Hi There,

I thought it is the time to me to refresh and renew the blog, so thanks for all contributors or comments that came to my blog previously. I’ve noticed that there are several groups that can be identified in the Geothermal Industry, including the Geoscience + Reservoir, Engineering, ¬†and Management and Finance. Therefore, I’ve decided to divide the pages into that groups based on the interesting and background.

I also have a plan to create the independent team to analyze and develop the idea or given a good knowledge trough web seminars or create papers. to give our target at least for 1 year ahead we will create some papers and web seminars for our interest group. later on, hopefully we can develop some physical project and help the industry better and more professional. last but not least, to bond our connection between industry and students I will put an advertising page to accommodate every job opportunity, scholarship, or even workshop and conference.

I hope the blog can be more famous and really help the student and the industry to solve the stuck problem in Geothermal



Yuris Ramadhan

Geothermal Moderator

Postgraduate Geothermal, University of Auckland

Bachelor degree, Geology Engineer, Intitute Teknologi Bandung

Star Energy Geothermal